Listening Part 4

Question 1

A man and a woman are talking about a concert they have just seen. What did the woman think of the concert?

  1. The music was too loud.
  2. The tickets were too expensive.
  3. The stage was too far away.

Question 2

A woman and her son are in a newsagent’s at the airport. Which magazine do they choose?

  1. a football magazine
  2. a computer magazine
  3. a politics magazine

Question 3

Two friends are talking on the phone. What is the man’s job?

  1. a receptionist
  2. a chef
  3. a waiter

Question 4

A man is leaving a voicemail message for his friend. Why is he phoning his friend?

  1. to complain about something
  2. to apologize for something
  3. to suggest something

Question 5

Two friends are talking about a new computer game. What is the boy’s opinion of the game?

  1. It isn’t good value.
  2. It isn’t challenging.
  3. It isn’t original.